I would highly recommend this product to all. The cord is very heavy duty and has some extra added features to help with preventing water leaking. It has a cool feature that locks it to prevent any cords from becoming pulled apart. It was able to support Christmas lights that went around my entire house. Great price will purchase again if needed!

Christine M. Braintree, MA

This is a great replacement for my outdoor extension cord. It offers added and much-needed protection from the elements like rain and snow. They're great for ensuring my holiday display is set up safely.

Jan B. St George, UT

Living in a cold and snowy climate it's important to find products that will be durable enough to function. This extension cord worked great. It was long enough for me to use for my outdoor decorations and protection shield worked great to keep the snow and ice out. Great buy!

Victoria M. Conway, AK

I recently purchased the VoltShield Holiday Cord. The cord is 40 feet long and intended for outdoor use. It will protect against all weather conditions including rain, snow, and ice. I particularly like that it is so easy to use. You simply slide the end open, connect your device cord and then slide it close to lock it and protect the device cord. Super easy! The Holiday Cord is sturdy and flexible but is also kink-free. This is an Incredible Extension cord.

Alexis M. Glastonbury, CT

This cord is very heavy duty and has a bit of weight to it. It is easy to use, and the connections are shielded from outdoor elements such as rain, snow, and ice. The cord is sturdy and flexible, so it doesn't bind up. It works well for many outdoor projects besides just holiday decorations.

Heather M. Portland, ME

The Voltshield extension cord feels very durable and seems like great quality. It was easy to slide down the "Voltshield" and plug in something, then slide back up to close. It seals the cord nicely and would be protected out in the weather. A 40ft cord is an awesome length and it's kink free! This will be used for Christmas lights during the winter as well as my husband will be using it with power tools and equipment during the nicer weather.

Blaire R. Williamsburg, VA

This is a really great product and one that I am puzzled as to why I have not purchased before now. It's great for protecting against weather elements like rain, sleet, snow, and ice. It's very easy to use and locks securely. Overall, this is a great product. I plan to buy more.

Jennifer B. Grove City, OH

Received the Volt Shield all weather extension cord. Wow! Wished I would have had this before Christmas. I did not put the outdoor spotlight on my house this year because of all the problems I had with my cord. This extension cord will alleviate all the problems I had with my old cord. Very high quality and durable.

Eileen H. Foxboro, MA

It works so well to keep moisture out of the outlets. Where I live, we get a lot of snow and makes it hard to put up our Christmas lights. This solves that problem for me! I can also not worry about the rain which is awesome.

Heather S. St Thomas, PA

Very durable outdoor all weather extension cord. This cord is perfect for making a regular outdoor cord weatherproof, and it's also very long so it reaches all decorations! I highly recommend this product to anyone doing outdoor decorations!

Joe I. Pawtucket, RI

This cord is great! it is heavy duty and has locking mechanism so added cord cannot be pulled out. This product has been thought about and is ingenious. I highly recommend.

Charity H. Corunna, MI

I really like this product because it is original. I have never seen an extension cord with an end to shield the connection from water.

Kimberly M. Bloomington, MI

I really like this all-weather extension cord. It allows me to use it for my outside Christmas lights and not have to worry about running my extension cord. Moreover, I like that it prevents accidental disconnection by locking it securely. I also really like that it not only protects against rain, but also snow, ice, dirt, and more. Overall, this is a great product and I highly recommend it!

Andrew W. Holtsville, NY

I got this extension cord for my husband to use. We have chickens that have a heated waterer, and this seemed like the perfect thing to use to run power to it. When we first got it, I was slightly confused on how to get access to the plug. It took a few minutes to figure out but once I did it was a nice product. The length of the cord is perfect to run from our shed to the chicken coop. I could see us getting another one to use for Christmas lights next year.

Lydia P. Grand Rapids, MI

I am very impressed. I love the shield protector. Very easy to pull out the inner shield, put the cord in and easily pushes back in. Very good quality of rubber and plastic shield.

Joe R. Buffalo, NY

Very pleased to use my new "Volt shield" for my annual Christmas light outdoor decoration. Knowing that the connection is now protected from rain, snow and ice giving me peace of mind because the location I use is right where water and ice falls off our roof. This solves the problem completely.

Grace H. Massapequa, NY

Very excited about the Voltshield protected power outdoor extension cord. It's 40 feet long and protects your cords from weather. We have had an ongoing problem with holiday lights blowing fuses in the house when they get wet due to rain snow and ice. I would suggest this to others it works with spotlight string lights inflatables and my blow mold collection.

Jason W. Biddeford, ME

This is awesome! We love outdoor lights, and this is exactly what we needed! It's durable, secure, and protects against the weather. It's also nice and long.

KG Hamden, OH

This extension cord is a must if you run inflatable or other lighted decorations during the holidays. It helps the plugs stay intact so no unnecessary unplugging. Very easy to use. Has a locking device to protect the plug from outside elements.

John S. Seattle, WA

This is a solid, durable outdoor power extension cord. It's all weather and locks very securely. We have a lot of roaming animals outside so its secure and they don't bother it.

Ryan D. Ventura, CA

Great fix to protect plugs for outdoor decorations. It was very easy to use. I like that is 40 feet long, it's just the right length.

Aaron J. Portsmouth NH

I was really interested in this product since it works in all kinds of weather, including rain, snow, ice, and even dirt. Preventing our outdoor decorations from getting disconnected is a huge benefit, and it is great that this is 40 feet long. It really looks well-made and very durable, so I expect it will last a lifetime. I would recommend this holiday cord to make your holiday decorating super easy.

Diane G. Mogadore, OH

Extension cord is well-made and heavy duty. Perfect for snowy and rainy conditions. All weather protection against rain, snow, ice, dirt, and more. Closes and locks to prevent disconnection. Great product!

Eric Z. Newburyport, MA

Very durable and looks like it will last for years to come.

John Bolton Pittsburg, PA

I love this thing!! Great price and it worked very well with our Christmas lights. We get crazy weather so I'm very happy I purchased it.

Patrick M. Burlington, VT

It is very easy to use and provides all weather protection. The premium materials provide incredible durability. It is ideal for inflatables and spotlights.

Kevin S. Boston, MA

This VoltShield holiday extension cord is a great product! The sliding protector over the electrical connection is an awesome feature, particularly in a location where we must run our extension cords through the snow to hook up the decor in our yard.

Jeffrey M. North Conway, NH